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Lumotive raises $13M for metamaterial beam-steering chips

January 04, 2023

Lumotive, the Seattle-based startup company developing beam-steering semiconductor chips based around optical metasurfaces, says it has raised $13 million in a new round of venture finance.


Mangata raises $100m for Scottish satellites

December 07, 2022

Advanced Television

Mangata Networks has raised $100 million (€95.4m) from (mostly) Scottish investors to fund the development of a satellite manufacturing plant at Prestwick, Scotland.


Lumotive Adds New Investments from USAA and Uniquest to a Strategic Funding Round Led by Samsung Ventures

January 03, 2023


With more than $56 million in total financing to date, optical semiconductor company gears up for mass deployment of LCM™ chips


Lumotive Closes Strategic Funding Round Led by Samsung Ventures

Aug 24, 2022

Source: Lumotive

New Investment Will Speed Delivery of LCM™ Optical Semiconductors to Enable Lidar 2.0 for High-Volume Consumer, Mobility, and Industrial Markets


Mangata Networks Announces $33 Million Series A Raise Launching Innovative Satellite/Edge Computing Network

January 11, 2022

Source: Mangata

Mangata Networks announces today the completion of their $33 million Series A funding round, led by Playground Global.


Lumotive Names Dr. Sam Heidari as CEO to Lead Lidar Innovator’s Next Stage of Growth

October 20, 2021

Source: Lumotive

Semiconductor Industry Veteran Takes the Helm as Company’s Disruptive and Scalable Meta-Lidar Platform Gains Traction in Automotive and Industrial Markets and Recognition as Provider of Next-Generation Solutions


These Materials Could Make Science Fiction a Reality

April 27, 2021

Source: The New York Times

Imagine operating a computer by moving your hands in the air as Tony Stark does in “Iron Man.” Or using a smartphone to magnify an object as does the device that Harrison Ford’s character uses in “Blade Runner.” Or a next-generation video meeting where augmented reality glasses make it possible to view 3-D avatars. Or a generation of autonomous vehicles capable of driving safely in city traffic.


American space telecoms company picks Scotland for £10.5 million European research centre

March 17, 2021


American telecoms company Mangata Networks is to set up a £10.5m research and development centre in Edinburgh, in a move that will create 38 jobs.

The business, which specialises in satellite enable telecoms services, announced the move after it received £3.6m in funding from national economic development agency Scottish Enterprise.


Megaconstellation startup Mangata Networks joins T-Mobile-backed 5G incubator

September 17, 2020


WASHINGTON — Mangata Networks, a broadband megaconstellation venture created by former OneWeb Satellites CEO Brian Holz, is one of 16 startups newly added the 5G Open Innovation Lab, an ideas-and-partnership incubator founded earlier this year by T-Mobile, Intel and NASA to help unleash the potential of 5G mobile networks.

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